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There can be no doubt about it, the diverse continent of North America means that there are unlimited opportunities for people from all walks of life in a number of different areas. The sheer scope of the continent is incredible; it encompasses rain forests and mountains, deserts and plains, and everything in between. So, what does this mean for the fan of the large and extravagant home? Well, quite simply, that the real estate on the continent comes in as great a variety as the continent itself. Even one city can provide a multitude of varieties. Take Ontario for example, with everything from trendy condos found here to farm country real estate (like these listed here) to some local professional chefs.

In fact, we found as we explored some of the most beautiful homes in North America that more often than not it was the geographic region of the climate as much as anything else that shaped the perceptions of home owners in terms of luxury. Whether one is talking about the sprawling one floor ranch style houses of Arizona (the perfect spot for those looking to use their patio furniture all year long) or the penthouses of New York, the style of living supported by the surrounding human geography plays a major part in the shape of a paradise like home.

A wealthy homeowner in Louisiana, for example, might find their home situated on the outskirts of a bayou. The lengthy history of this state means that there are plenty of luxury homes with groomed lawns and palatial estates, extant reminders of a past that is less than a century gone. On the other hand, West coast cities such as Vancouver and Seattle real estate tend to be more modern styles of design. Extravagant homes overlooking the mighty Pacific are the name of the luxury real estate game in these cities, and the discerning homeowner can choose mainland or island for their nesting place. If you're currently living in Halifax, both homes may seem exotic when you haven't even left the continent!

Although the shape and architecture of North America's best homes is often unique in that they are defined by the surrounding area, there are items common to all large and extravagant homes. For example, the interior rooms and concerns of a large house are usually defined, at least in description, across the board. A large home is expected to have a certain amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, for example. In addition, these rooms are going to be quite large and with a designing touch that underlines the affluence apparent in the design of the home. Entertainment rooms, dining facilities, and kitchens should all attest to cutting edge modern styles of living suitable to those living in extravagant homes.

We will be taking a look at some of the best homes in North America on this site. It will be a fascinating journey in the way social and geographic positioning help to define the way in which a person lives. It is the perfect place to look not only for those interested in homes for sale in North America, but also the fan of the modern luxury home. Maybe that's a condominium on Miami's waterfront. Who knows, it may even serve to influence you in defining what your own dream home will actually consist of.

So, take a look at what we have to offer in our articles on North American luxury homes in this section of the site, including Condo Mania.

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