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Whether you grew up watching the hit MTV show, Cribs or the television series Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous hosted by Robin Leach, you can't deny that as a society, we have a tendency to want to see how the famous live in their extravagant and luxurious homes. Either we like to curse them out for having a house with 14 bathrooms or dream that one day the mansion owned by Martin Short could be ours one day. For the most part, these houses that were featured on these programs were in some pretty exclusive neighbourhoods and on this site we're going to try to talk to you about the most exclusive neighbourhoods in Canada. So, get ready to drink away those champagne wishes and start dreaming of those caviar dinners and get ready to throw open the sails on that yacht and sail away with us on this site.

While some people only think of neighbourhoods being exclusive if they have a fancy country club or restricted tennis courts, it takes a lot more than that to be considered as exclusive. ByWard Market is a downtown district of Ottawa, that's located east of the business and government district and is mostly made up of English speaking Canadians. While the neighbourhood used to have a significant prostitution problem, today most of the people that live there are rich yuppie couples who have access to one of the best farmers market around.

If you're looking to move up into that deluxe apartment in the high skies and find the homes for sale to be too pricey, then maybe New York City isn't the place for you. Rosedale in Toronto however, is one of Canada's oldest suburbs but it is most definitely one of the wealthiest and highest priced neighbourhoods you can find. Made up of mansions and luxury condominiums, unless you inherited some of your grandparent's old money, you'll have a hard time trying to find a place to live here. Which is why it's seen as the exclusive neighbourhood of some of Canada's richest and most famous people.

Over on the other side of the country in Vancouver, British Columbia, you can find the neighbourhood of Shaughnessy. The 447 hectare area is infused with buildings designed with a hint of English Renaissance style are. Over 50% of the homes constructed before World War II, are still around. Most of the homes take up at least 1.5 acres and the average cost of one home ranges from $3.5 million to $11 million, which is one of the reasons that make this neighbourhood so exclusive to average person. But if you feel like hobnobbing with the stars, there's a good chance you might find one vacationing in the Muskoka area just like when Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell lived there for a period of time.

Even though you might be seen as stuffy or snobby by others, if you have the opportunity to and can afford to live in one of these rich and exclusive neighbourhoods without becoming house poor, why not go for it? You only live once and being a part of the upper class could bring you luxuries you never dreamed of. Or maybe you need to move into one of these places to get access to that fancy private school for your children so they can get the best education possible. You'll never find a better reason than sacrificing yourself so your children can have a better future. Robin Leach would approve.

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