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The world is a big place, full of people with different tastes when it comes to architecture and the definition of ideal living. For example, here in North America we tend to take it for granted that a luxury home will by definition be located on some kind of waterfront. There is something about the water that appeals to our cultural psyche. However, in many other areas of the world, waterfront living is something that is akin to living in poverty. Waterways, even along ocean beaches, tend to be overcrowded and dirty, and the well to do can be found far away from water courses.

This section of our site wants to give you a glimpse at some of the largest and most extravagant homes to be found all over the world. However, in order to truly appreciate many of these homes, you have to understand that there are elements of cultural perspective that will come into play. A large home in Australia, for example, will generally fit the definition of luxury living that we apply here in North America. Or, you could find a home for sale in Paris, Ontario that resembles one in France. This holds true when one considers the importance of the woodwork and masonry on the building, as well as price and general size. What is a masonry structure?

On the other hand, a dimensionally similar home for sale in the country of Tanzania will be very different from the one in Australia. The building materials will be different, the style of the house will reflect both a different original and developing culture, and of course the location might not be what someone looking for particular homes would describe as true luxury. Even the price will vary dramatically (although this will probably be appealing to anyone truly interested in some of the best homes available on the international market).

With that said, it is entirely possible to make that near-to-perfect dream home located in a different country into your true ideal, as far as living space. A couple of renovations can make a huge difference in the structural integrity of a luxury home in another country, not to mention bring it closer to your own vision of a luxury home. We will take a look at some simple steps to achieving this purpose in the articles in this section.

The houses we look at on this site will have a considerable variation in style and in type, simply because standards are different all over the world. The extravagant homes of the Mediterranean, for example, defined by a main deck overlooking the fabled sea, will not bear any outward similarity to a palatial estate in central Germany. Still, each type of home meets the definition of large and extravagant, and each will appeal to a different set of standards, as far as living taste. If you're viewing this from a condo in Texas you'll see many properties you can't view in your area.

So, within the articles on this site you can expect a huge variety as we explore the luxury homes of the world. The old world will meet the new and you might even find that there are some ideas worthy of incorporating into your own idea of a dream home here in North America. Whatever your reasons for interest in the international real estate market and the luxury homes in it, we will have material to engage your curiosity.

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