Life In The Penthouse

The lyrics to the theme song Movin' On Up for The Jeffersons deals with the lifestyle changes one goes through when moving from a poor neighbourhood to a rich one. The deluxe apartment that they sing about in the song will be what the focus of this section on the site will be about. Not the specific one they moved into but penthouses in general like the ones you can find in most urban centres.

Penthouses are apartments or condominiums that are typically found on the highest floor of those buildings. They are also the most expensive suites that could be found in those buildings because they have luxury features that are exclusive to them. Some penthouses can take up the entire top floor and can be considered mini-mansions. They might also have features such as direct elevators to the entrance or private access to the rooftop. Other features exclusive to penthouses are elevated ceilings, private balconies, oversized windows and personal saunas. The only thing missing are maids on demand that can follow you around and pick up the apple pie crumbs you're dropping.

There are many penthouses that can be had all over North America and some are pretty exclusive because of the asking price. Toronto condos are just one of the many expensive markets and if you were looking to move into one of their penthouses, you're looking at asking prices in and around $1 million. That truly is a lot for a penthouse but these penthouses are marketed as penthouses that feel like a house. So, what do you get for $1 million? You're looking at a penthouse made up of two suites that is about 2,500 square feet. There are usually three bedrooms and four bathrooms and a master suite with an en-suite bathroom and walk-in closet. Of course there are many more features such as hardwood floors, gas fireplaces and en-suite laundry appliances. Not too shabby for $1 million.

One of the best ways to find out about the most expensive and exclusive penthouses in North America or all over the world is by searching for them online. Web presence plays a major part in whether a penthouse in a city like Vancouver will be sold because most people who are looking to purchase such places don't have time to go from place to place with realtors so they do a lot of their shopping online. And a lot of the websites selling penthouses are custom designed real estate web pages that look like they were made by professionals. And since Vancouver is one of the more competitive markets going because of the beautiful scenery, vibrant culture and more, these web pages are a must. You can find a downtown penthouse in the range of $3000-$7000/month and the prices will only be going up once the games come to town. For that money, you're looking at a place that's about 5000 square feet with an amazing view of the surrounding mountains and ocean. You'll also have the luxury of about seven bathrooms, six bedrooms and a couple of spare rooms where you can keep your collections. These west coast penthouses definitely do not skimp out when it comes to space and if you're looking to live a life of luxury, California penthouses are very beautiful places to live in.

By now you might be a bit tired of your old home want to move on up like the Jeffersons into one of these deluxe penthouses. And why wouldn't you? You have access to pretty much everything you need while getting the opportunity to live like a rockstar. Penthouses might be expensive and they might seem exclusive to you but they are worth pretty much every penny you spend on rent. And if you decide to buy one, you can count on the property value increasing because penthouses are always in demand. Hopefully we've supplied you with enough information about penthouses and what it's like to live in one in case you ever decide you're ready for such a big move.

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