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Tommy Dreamer might have been one of the most hardcore wrestlers that Extreme Championship Wrestling fans witnessed during the early days of ECW but outside of the ring he was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. You might be wondering why you're reading about a former professional wrestler on a site about homes from around the world and that's a very good question. This section of the site deals with homes that are built on interesting landscapes which may be even too extreme for Tommy Dreamer to think about living in as he reads his daily newspaper.

One such home that was on the market can be found in Festus, Missouri, and it's a home built inside of a cave. Yes, a cave. And no, not the Batcave. Sorry. But if the Batcave does ever come up for sale, we'll try our best to tell you about it. Just keep checking out this same website. Caveland, as it's known to people who live near it, is a 17,000 square foot home made up of three chambers that's inside a cave. If you're a noted spelunker, and not afraid of possible volcano eruptions and relish the opportunity to see beautiful waterfalls, then this home might just be for you. And if you have a house that you're trying to sell and don't have a real estate license handy, putting up your interesting home on eBay like the Sleeper family did, isn't such a bad idea.

If you feel like being a kid again and want to get away from your job, move out of your boring hometown and live in the wilderness for a bit on top of mountaintops, then the next home is just for you. In the New York area, you can get a custom made mega tree house or tree mansions as the designer likes to call them and get in touch with your inner child and adventurer once again. You get all the advantages of living in the trees but don't have to worry about what you're going to make for breakfast or where you're going to go to the bathroom as all tree mansions are built with custom bathrooms and kitchens. So, huddle up your little boys or girls in their baby sleeping bags and enjoy some outside time in the mountains.

For the adventurous types who are tired of seeing the exact same boring environment and want to live somewhere that's exciting and fresh, then the mushroom house in La Jolla, California might be the place for you. Situated in the cliffs of the Black Beach area, this home was built in the perfect place to protect itself from earthquakes and inclement weather. While it might be weird to live at the bottom of a hill, in between two cliffs, it does give you a lot of alone time if you're looking for a place to write the next great novel.

Hopefully some of these homes might inspire you to go out and try designing your next home on some sort of interesting landscape that you might not have ever thought about living on before. Or maybe if you're thinking of building a new beach house, why not build a house on a beach and live in the ocean? Wouldn't it be nice to wake up and see a whale staring at you through your front window? Well, on second thought, maybe not but go out and enjoy yourself and at least visit some of the places mentioned on this site.

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