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From the castles of Europe to the estates of the American deep south and the mansions of the rich suburbs in Canada, there is something about a large and extravagant home that exercises its own unique pull on the human soul. Most of us have probably taken one or two car trips around a luxury neighbourhood in our own community, just to see what type of real estate is on display there (that is, those of us who can't afford such a home on our own).

What is the appeal of these large homes for so many people? Well, first of all, of course it is the fact that these homes probably include things that most of us dream of in a life of luxury. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, high ceilings, hardwood floors, extravagant patios, immaculate gardens, even stables are all a part of the extravagant lifestyle encapsulated in luxury homes. The decor on the exterior and interior homes is something that the stuff of dreams is made of, and often sets the tone for what attracts us in our own decor. We dream about the lifestyle that goes with them, complete with a personal chef and gardener.

There is the appeal of the North American dream, too. Knowing that these homes exist and seeing them up close gives us something to look forward to. Maybe you're someone who enjoys a weekend drive. Although on a gut level many people understand that these luxury homes will never truly be feasible, it is nice to dream about living in a castle of one's own one day. And of course there are many people who have "made it". Luck, hard work, or both have combined and as a result a dream home is now a financial possibility.

This website is dedicated both to the dreamer and to the person who has seen their financial dreams come true, as far as luxury homes are concerned. We are going to take a look at some of the largest and most extravagant homes in the country and worldwide. In addition, we will take a look at some of the different neighbourhoods where these homes are located. Who lives in them? What is the history of the home, and of the neighbourhood? In themselves, these stories can be just as appealing as the homes themselves. After all, their lives must be more exciting than yours in theory, right? Many of the most recognized real estate properties are decades and even over a century old and were built when the nation was first starting to grow. Over in Europe, that number turns into houses that are centuries old. It can be very interesting to see how housing has developed and just why these homes were built in the first place.

Perhaps you are interested in the finest homes worldwide from a buyer's perspective, rather than just out of idle curiosity. The world market is a fascinating platform, as far as extravagant homes go. Every country and even sub units within a country have their own idea of what constitutes luxury and this is reflected in the homes of that country. For example, here in North America we tend to take it as fact that waterfront automatically constitutes a higher price.

Taking a look at extravagant and large homes both in our own country and those worldwide can really help to put our preconceptions into focus. Aside from the practical aspect of offering potential buyers some information about housing, luxury homes can say a lot about a place and the type of culture it represents, whether we're looking at Italian villas or Chicago lofts.

Finally, you might just find that knowing what is found in the most luxurious homes all over the world also helps you to gain an idea of what constitutes your own dream home. Many of us have ideas that represent an amalgamation of several different dream homes that we have seen throughout our lives when it comes to our own. We alluded to this a few paragraphs back in reference to home decor; the exteriors and interiors of the most luxurious homes give us an idea of how we would like our own homes to look. The articles on this site can help you in the area of inspiration for your own home.

So, take a look inside and see what we have on offer. We guarantee that your fascination with the large and extravagant home will find something to latch onto here; we take a look at actual houses nationally and abroad, their histories, and their neighbourhoods. There's no better place for the luxury home fan, whether you have just a passing interest or are looking to buy a dream yourself! It's nice to even just think about what it would be like to own one of these homes, instead of living in a tiny apartment where you need shrink sleeve for packaging just to fit all of your belongings inside! If you sit here reading this article and wonder if a luxury home is in your future, you need to look at mortgage options and see what fits within your pay grade. Ask a mortgage company like Cannect Home Equity Loans how much you might qualify for.

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